Bible quiz Question and Answers from book of Genesis || Bible Quiz Genesis 1-50 with answers || Bible quiz Genesis with answers

Q ➤ 1. Which is the first book in the Bible?

Q ➤ 2. Who created the heavens and the earth?

Q ➤ 3. When were the heavens and the earth created?

Q ➤ 4. How many chapters are there in Genesis?

Q ➤ 5. How many verses are there in Genesis?

Q ➤ 6. How many questions are there in Genesis?

Q ➤ 7. How many prophecies are there in Genesis?

Q ➤ 8. Which is the longest chapter in Genesis?

Q ➤ 9. Which is the shortest chapter in Genesis?

Q ➤ 10. What did moved upon the face of waters?

Q ➤ 11. What was there upon the surface of the deep?

Q ➤ 12. In Genesis, what was it that God first spoke of?

Q ➤ 13. Which was the first phenomenon that God saw to be good?

Q ➤ 14. What was the name that God gave to darkness?

Q ➤ 15. What was the name that God gave to light?

Q ➤ 16. What was the name that God gave to the firmament?

Q ➤ 17. Where did God make a firmament?

Q ➤ 18. When/which day did God make the firmament?

Q ➤ 19. What was the name that God gave to the dry land?

Q ➤ 20. Which is the name that God gave to the gathering together of waters?

Q ➤ 21. What kind of trees did God make on the third day?

Q ➤ 22. Which was the phenomenon that God used to divide the day from the night?

Q ➤ 23. On which day did God make the sun and the moon?

Q ➤ 24. When/ which day did God create the great creatures of the sea and the birds?

Q ➤ 25. When/ which day was men and animals created?

Q ➤ 26. Which are those days about which God twice saw to be good?

Q ➤ 27. In whose image was man created?

Q ➤ 28. Who was given the authority to rule over all creations?

Q ➤ 29. How was man created as?

Q ➤ 30. Which is the day that God blessed and made it holy?

Q ➤ 31. How had the whole surface of the ground been covered with waters before it rained?

Q ➤ 32. A man who didn't want to be his "brothers keeper"?

Q ➤ 33. By what was man created?

Q ➤ 34. When did man become a living being?

Q ➤ 35. Where did God put man?

Q ➤ 36. Which were the trees that were in the middle of the Eden garden?

Q ➤ 37. Where was thi garden?

Q ➤ 38. How many rivers were there to water the Eden garden?

Q ➤ 39. How many head waters did the river have? Which were they?

Q ➤ 40. Which is the river that winds through the entire kind of Havilah?

Q ➤ 41. which is the land having gold?

Q ➤ 42. Which is the river that winds through the entire kind of Cush?

Q ➤ 43. Which is the river that runs along the east side of Asshur?

Q ➤ 44. According to the Bible which is the land that first mentioned about gold?

Q ➤ 45. Whom did God put in the Garden of Eden to take care of it?

Q ➤ 46. Why did God put the man in the Garden of Eden?

Q ➤ 47. "You will surely die when you eat it"- eat what?

Q ➤ 48. What God said," It is not good"?

Q ➤ 49. Who named the creations which God had created?

Q ➤ 50. Who was the first person who fall into deep sleep?

Q ➤ 51. How was the place, from where god took one of the man's ribs, closed up?

Q ➤ 52. Why is 'she' called woman?

Q ➤ 53. Where was the first operation carried out?

Q ➤ 54. From where was woman created by God?

Q ➤ 55. Which is the wild animals that is more crafty than any others?

Q ➤ 56. "you shall not surely die" who said this to whom?

Q ➤ 57. who asked the first question in the Bible?

Q ➤ 58. The first person who lied in human history?

Q ➤ 59. What in peculiarity that the woman saw in the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was good?

Q ➤ 60. Whose eyes were opened when the fruit was eaten?

Q ➤ 61. Which is the knowledge that men got soon after they ate the fruit?

Q ➤ 62. Is the tree of life ever mentioned again in scripture?

Q ➤ 63. What did Adam and Eve use to make a covering for them?

Q ➤ 64. When did the Lord God walked in the garden?

Q ➤ 65. How did Adam and Eve know that the Lord had come to the garden in the evening?

Q ➤ 66. Who was the first person who was afraid?

Q ➤ 67. Who hid among the trees of the garden?

Q ➤ 68. "Who told that you were naked?" who said this to whom?

Q ➤ 69. Who deceived the woman?

Q ➤ 70. Who cursed the serpent?

Q ➤ 71. Which was the creature that was cursed above all the livestock and all the wild

Q ➤ 72. Which is the creature that eats dust?

Q ➤ 73. On whose account was the ground cursed?

Q ➤ 74. Which are the plants that the earth produced when it was cursed?

Q ➤ 75. Who is known as the mother of all the living?

Q ➤ 76. What is the name that Adam gave to his wife?

Q ➤ 77. Who made garments of skin for the first time?

Q ➤ 78. Why were Adam and Eve banished from the Garden of Eden?

Q ➤ 79. Whom did God place instead of men in the Garden of Eden to guard it?

Q ➤ 80. What was there along with the cherubim to guard the Garden of Eden? A flaming

Q ➤ 81. Why was the cherubim placed in the Garden of Eden as guards?

Q ➤ 82. Who were the first parents?

Q ➤ 83. Who was the first son of Adam?

Q ➤ 84. Who was Cain's mother?

Q ➤ 85. Who was Cain's brother?

Q ➤ 86. What was Cain?

Q ➤ 87. Who was the first shepherd?

Q ➤ 88. On whose offering did the Lord look with favors?


Q ➤ Cain (4:5)

Q ➤ The Lord to Cain (4:7)

Q ➤ Abel (4:8)

Q ➤ Abel (4:8)

Q ➤ Cain (4:8)

Q ➤ Cain to the Lord (4:7)

Q ➤ Abel's (4:9)

Q ➤ Abel

Q ➤ The mark on Cain put by the Lord(4:15)

Q ➤ So that no one could kill him. (4:15)

Q ➤ Nod(4:16)

Q ➤ Enoch (4:17)

Q ➤ Cain, Enoch (4:17)

Q ➤ Lamech (4:17)

Q ➤ Adah and Zillah

Q ➤ Jubal (4:20)

Q ➤ Jubal (4:21)

Q ➤ Tubal-Cain (4:22)

Q ➤ Lamech (4:23)

Q ➤ Zillah's (4:22)

Q ➤ Naamah (4:22)

Q ➤ Seth (4:25)

Q ➤ Eve (4:25)

Q ➤ Adam and Eve (4:25)

Q ➤ Enoch's time (4:26)

Q ➤ On the day of their creation (5:2)

Q ➤ 130 (5:3)

Q ➤ 800 (5:4)

Q ➤ Cain, Abel and Seth (5:3)

Q ➤ 930 Year (5:5)

Q ➤ 912years (5:8)

Q ➤ Kenan (5:9)

Q ➤ 180 (5:13)

Q ➤ 950 years (5:11)

Q ➤ Mahalalel (5:12)

Q ➤ 910 (5:14)

Q ➤ Jared (5:15)

Q ➤ 895 years (5:17)

Q ➤ In Genesis

Q ➤ Cain's (3:24)

Q ➤ Cain (4:14)

Q ➤ Genesis (4:15)

Q ➤ To the east of Eden (4:16)

Q ➤ 162 (5:18)

Q ➤ Mahalaleel (5:15)

Q ➤ 962 (5:20)

Q ➤ Jared (5:18)

Q ➤ Methuselah (5:21)

Q ➤ 65 (5:25)

Q ➤ 300 years

Q ➤ 365 years (5:25):

Q ➤ Yes (5:4)

Q ➤ Enoch (5:24)

Q ➤ Enoch and Elijah (5:24,11 kings 2:11)

Q ➤ Lamech (5:25)

Q ➤ 187 (5:28)

Q ➤ 595(5:30)

Q ➤ 777 (5:30)

Q ➤ Methuselah (5:27)

Q ➤ 769 years (5:27)

Q ➤ Lamech (5:28)

Q ➤ Shem, Ham and Japheth (5:32)

Q ➤ Comfort

Q ➤ From the time of Noah (6:3)

Q ➤ Jared (962), Methuselah (969), Noah (950) (5:20, 27; 9:29)

Q ➤ 120 years (6:3)

Q ➤ Heroes of old and the man of renowned (6:4)

Q ➤ Noah (6:8)

Q ➤ Noah (6:9)

Q ➤ All mortal (6:12)

Q ➤ Gopher

Q ➤ 300cubits, 50 cubits,30 cubits.

Q ➤ Pitch (6:14)

Q ➤ Only one (6:10)

Q ➤ 3 (6:11).

Q ➤ 7 pairs (7:1)

Q ➤ 7 pairs (7:2)

Q ➤ 7 days (7:10)

Q ➤ 600 (7:6)

Q ➤ In the 600 year of Noah's life in the 2nd month on the 17th day

Q ➤ 40 days and 40 nights (7:12)

Q ➤ Noah and his family (7:7)

Q ➤ One hundred and fifty days (7:24)

Q ➤ During the flood (7:11)

Q ➤ The Lord (7:16)

Q ➤ 8 (7:13)

Q ➤ 15 cubit (7:20)

Q ➤ Noah and all the creatures with him (8:1)

Q ➤ Ararat

Q ➤ Ararat (8:4)

Q ➤ In the 17th month on the 17th day.

Q ➤ On the Ist day of the 10th month

Q ➤ 40 days (8:6)

Q ➤ A raven (8:7)

Q ➤ A dove (8:11)

Q ➤ A raven (8:7)

Q ➤ A raven and a dove (8:7, 11)

Q ➤ A plucked-off Olive leaf

Q ➤ In the six hundred and first year of Noah's life.

Q ➤ Noah (8:13)

Q ➤ Noah (8:20)

Q ➤ 2nd month 27 th day (8:14)

Q ➤ Evil (8:21)

Q ➤ The Lord (8:22)

Q ➤ After the flood (9:1)

Q ➤ After flood (9:3)

Q ➤ In the blood (9:4)

Q ➤ Man (9:6)

Q ➤ Rainbow (9:12-13)

Q ➤ Ham (9:18)

Q ➤ Noah (9:20)

Q ➤ a man of the soil (9:20)

Q ➤ Cultivation (9:20)

Q ➤ Noah (9:21)

Q ➤ His son's, Shem and Japheth

Q ➤ Canan (9:25)

Q ➤ 350 years (9:28)

Q ➤ 950 years (9:28)

Q ➤ Gomer, Magog, Madai Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras (10:2)

Q ➤ By Japheth's sons. (10:5)

Q ➤ Cush, Mizraim Put and Cannon (10:6)

Q ➤ Cush (10:8)

Q ➤ Nimrod (10:8)

Q ➤ Nimrod (10:9)

Q ➤ Babylon, Erech, Akkad and Calneh, in the island of Shinar (10:10)

Q ➤ Babel (10:10)

Q ➤ Nineveh, Resen Rehoboth (10:11-12)

Q ➤ Resen (10:12)

Q ➤ From the son of Mizraim (10:13-14)

Q ➤ Sidon (10:15)

Q ➤ Aram (10:23)

Q ➤ Eber (10:25)

Q ➤ In Peleg's days (10:25)

Q ➤ Joktan (10:25)

Q ➤ In Babel (11:9)

Q ➤ One language and one speech (11:2)

Q ➤ Shinar (11:2)

Q ➤ To build one tower with its top up to the sky (11:4)

Q ➤ Arphaxad (11:11)

Q ➤ Shem (11:10)

Q ➤ To build up a Babel tower(11:4,11)

Q ➤ 100 (11:10)

Q ➤ Serug (11:22)

Q ➤ Terah (11:24)

Q ➤ 29 (11:24)

Q ➤ Terah (11:24)

Q ➤ 119 years (11:25)

Q ➤ Nahor and Haran (11:26)

Q ➤ Haran (11:27)

Q ➤ Haran (11:28)

Q ➤ In Ur of the Chaldeans (11:28)

Q ➤ Sarai (11:29)

Q ➤ Milcah (11:29)

Q ➤ Milcah and Iscah (11:29)

Q ➤ Ur (11:31)

Q ➤ 205 (11:32)

Q ➤ The land that the Lord would show him (12:1)

Q ➤ The Lord (12:3)

Q ➤ 75 years (12:4)

Q ➤ Canan (12:7)

Q ➤ The Canaanites (12:7)

Q ➤ At Bethel (12:7)

Q ➤ Famine (12:10)

Q ➤ Sarai (12:11)

Q ➤ The Egyptian (12:14)

Q ➤ Sarai (12:15)

Q ➤ The Lord (12:17)

Q ➤ Sara and Lot

Q ➤ Abraham (13:2)

Q ➤ Between Bethel and Ai (13:3)

Q ➤ Abraham and Lot (13:5)

Q ➤ Sodom and Gomorrah (13:10)

Q ➤ Lot (13:12)

Q ➤ Canan (13:13)

Q ➤ Very wicked in their sins (13:13)

Q ➤ Near the great trees of Mamre (13:18)

Q ➤ Amraphel (14:1)

Q ➤ Bela (14:2, 8)

Q ➤ Arioch (14:1)

Q ➤ Abraham and Melchizedek (14:18)

Q ➤ Kedorlaomer (14:1)

Q ➤ Tidal (14:1)

Q ➤ Bera (14:2)

Q ➤ Birsha (14:2)

Q ➤ Shinab (14:2)

Q ➤ Shemeber (14:2)

Q ➤ Zoar (14:8)

Q ➤ Valley of Siddim (14:3)

Q ➤ Valley of Siddim (14:3)

Q ➤ Siddim valley (14:3)

Q ➤ En Mishpat (14:7)

Q ➤ Siddim valley (14:10)

Q ➤ Gen. 14:14

Q ➤ 318 (14:14)

Q ➤ Valley of Shaveh (14:17)

Q ➤ Melchizedek the king of Salem (14:18)

Q ➤ Abraham (15:1)

Q ➤ Melchizedek (14:18)

Q ➤ Aner, Eschol and Mamre (14:24)

Q ➤ Bera, king of Sodom (1422)

Q ➤ 290. "He believed the Lord, and it was credited to him as righteousness" who?

Q ➤ 291. Which was the first known covenant among men?

Q ➤ 292. What did Abraham drive away?

Q ➤ 293. Who fell into deep sleep as the sun was setting?

Q ➤ 294. How many years were Abraham's descendants destined to be enslaved in a strange country?

Q ➤ 295. How old was Abraham when his name was changed to Abraham?

Q ➤ 296. What is the meaning of Abraham?

Q ➤ 297. What was the former name of Abraham?

Q ➤ 298. What was the sign of covenant between God and Abraham?

Q ➤ 299. Who was the oldest man to be circumcised?

Q ➤ 300. On which day the male child has to be circumcised?

Q ➤ 301. Who became the mother of many nations?

Q ➤ 302. Who was promised to become the father of twelve rulers?

Q ➤ 303. How old was Abraham when he was circumcised?

Q ➤ 304. How old was Ishmael when he was circumcised?

Q ➤ 305. Who were the father and son circumcised on the same day?

Q ➤ 306. Where was Abraham when 3 men visited him?

Q ➤ 307. Where did Abraham make the visitors sit?

Q ➤ 308. "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" Who told to whom?

Q ➤ 309. Where did the three men go after leaving Abraham?

Q ➤ 310. Against whom was the great out cry?

Q ➤ 311. Who asked God whether he would sweep away the righteous with the wicked?

Q ➤ 312. Who described himself as nothing but dust and ashes?

Q ➤ 313. Where was Lot when the angels arrived at Sodom?

Q ➤ 314. When did the angels arrive at Sodom?

Q ➤ 315. Who was said to have backed un leavened bread first?

Q ➤ 316. Who surrounded the house of Lot?

Q ➤ 317. Where was the men were striked with blindness?

Q ➤ 318. What were the words that Lot's son-in-law told him?

Q ➤ 319. Whom did the angels grasp by the hands and led out of the city?

Q ➤ 320. Name of the city where Lot fled to?

Q ➤ 321. In which land had the sunrised, when Lot had reached there?

Q ➤ 322. To which cities did the Lord rain down buming sulfur?

Q ➤ 323. Name of the first destroyed cities.?

Q ➤ 324. Who were the first blind people?

Q ➤ 325. Who were the first people who dwelt in the cave?

Q ➤ 326. Who were the drunkards mentioned in Genesis?

Q ➤ 327. The woman who became a pillar of salt?

Q ➤ 328. The women who dwelt in cave?

Q ➤ 329. Daughters who got their father to drink wine?

Q ➤ 330. Name of the son born to the elder daughter of Lot?

Q ➤ 331. Name of the son born to the younger daughter of Lot?

Q ➤ 332. Who was the father of Moabites?

Q ➤ 333. Who was the father of Ammonites?

Q ➤ 334. Where did Abraham sojourn after leaving the trees of Mamre?

Q ➤ 335. "We are brothers; our father and grandfather are same" who are we?

Q ➤ 336. "We are sisters our father become our husbands who are we?

Q ➤ 337. Who was the prophet having a beautiful wife?

Q ➤ 338. Who was the king of Gerar?

Q ➤ 339. "Lord will you destroy an innocent nation?" Who asked this?

Q ➤ 340. Name the King of Gerar who gave Abraham sheep and cattle and male and female slaves?

Q ➤ 341. How much silver was given to Abraham to cover the offense against Sarah by Abimelech?

Q ➤ 342. Because of whom the Lord had closed up every womb in Abimelech's household?

Q ➤ 343. Name of the prophet who married his sister?

Q ➤ 344. "Daughter of father, but not of mother who is this daughter?

Q ➤ 345. Name of the person who married his sister?

Q ➤ 346. How old was Abraham when Isaac was born?

Q ➤ 347. "God has brought me laughter" who said this?

Q ➤ 348. Who held a great feast when his son was weaned?

Q ➤ 349. Who was the first said to be 'mocking'?

Q ➤ 350. Who was called Abraham's real offspring?

Q ➤ 351. Name of the desert which Hagar wandered in?

Q ➤ 352. Who cried aloud in the desert?

Q ➤ 353. An archer who lived in the desert of Paran?

Q ➤ 354. From where did Hagar get a wife for her son?

Q ➤ 355. Who was the commander of Abimelech's force?

Q ➤ 356. What did Abraham complain to Abimelech?

Q ➤ 357. To whom did Abraham give sheep and cattle?

Q ➤ 358. With whom did Abraham make a treaty?

Q ➤ 359. What did Abraham give to Abimelech as a witness for diging the well?

Q ➤ 360. What is the name given to the place where Abraham and Abimelech swore an oath?

Q ➤ 361. Which tree was planted in Beersheba by Abraham?

Q ➤ 362. Which tree was considered sacred in the Old Testament time?

Q ➤ 363. Where did Abraham take Isaac for sacrifice?

Q ➤ 364. On which day did Abraham see the region of Moriah?

Q ➤ 365. Who had carried the wood for the burnt offering?

Q ➤ 366. The person whom God called repeatedly?

Q ➤ 367. 'I am uz, my brother Buz, who is our father?

Q ➤ 368. What is the name given to the place where Abraham began to sacrifice Isaac?

Q ➤ 369. Who was the first born of Nahor?

Q ➤ 370. Who was the daughter of Bethuel?

Q ➤ 371. How many years Sarah lived?

Q ➤ 372. Where did Sarah die?

Q ➤ 373. Who was the patriarch who mourned for his wife?

Q ➤ 374. What is the other name of Hebron?

Q ➤ 375. Who has carried the wood for his own sacrifice?

Q ➤ 376. Who was the prophet paid the price for that which is offered free?

Q ➤ 377. "You are a mighty prince among us" who told to whom?

Q ➤ 378. Who was the leader of Hittites?

Q ➤ 379. Who was first said to have purchased a burial site?

Q ➤ 380. From whom Abraham purchased the burial site?

Q ➤ 381. What was the price paid by Abraham for the land?

Q ➤ 382. What was the name of the Cave where Abraham buried Sarah?

Q ➤ 383. The first person who had done a mercy transaction?

Q ➤ 384. A father and a son told the same lie to the same person. Who are they?

Q ➤ 385. What was that lie?

Q ➤ 386. How Eliezer, Abraham's servant sworn to him?

Q ➤ 387. Which was the native place of Rebekah?

Q ➤ 388. Which was the city of Nahor?

Q ➤ 389. Name of the person who prayed that his master may get a wife?

Q ➤ 390. The girl was very beautiful, a virgin; no men had ever known her." Who?

Q ➤ 391. The women who drew water for camels?

Q ➤ 392. What was the weight of two gold bracelets which he servant gave to Rebekah?

Q ➤ 393. The first man who was said to have camels?

Q ➤ 394. Who was the person comforted of his mother's death due to marriage?

Q ➤ 395. Who was the father of Rebekah?

Q ➤ 396. Who was the brother of Rebekah?

Q ➤ 397. "This is from the Lord" who said this?

Q ➤ 398. What did Eliezer give to Laban and his mother?

Q ➤ 399. Who was the first woman rode on a camel?

Q ➤ 400. Where did Isaac met Rebekah?

Q ➤ 401. When was Isaac comforted after his mother's death?

Q ➤ 402. The person who went out to the field in the evening to meditate?

Q ➤ 403. The women whom Abraham married after Sarah?

Q ➤ 404. Who were the people called Midianite?

Q ➤ 405. Whom did Abraham give gifts?

Q ➤ 406. Whom did Abraham give everything he owned?

Q ➤ 407. Who buried Abraham?

Q ➤ 408. Which was the native place of Hagar?

Q ➤ 409. One Bible character has the same name of a solid measure. What is that name?

Q ➤ 410. The person who lived in hostility towards all of his brothers?

Q ➤ 411. Who was the first born of Ishmael?

Q ➤ 412. How was Ishmaels sons known?

Q ➤ 413. How many tribal rulers were there as the sons of Ishmaels?

Q ➤ 414. How many years did Ishmael live?

Q ➤ 415. Who was the patriarch lived near Beer Lahai Roi?

Q ➤ 416. How old was Isaac when he married Rebekah?

Q ➤ 417. Who prayed for his wife?

Q ➤ 418. Who received blessings by following mothers counsel?

Q ➤ 419. "Why this is happen to me"? Who said this?

Q ➤ 420. How many nations were there in Rebekah's womb?

Q ➤ 421. Who came out from the womb red?

Q ➤ 422. Whose body was like a hairy garment?

Q ➤ 423. Who was grasping his brother's heel at birth?

Q ➤ 424. Who was a skillful hunter and a man of the open country?

Q ➤ 425. Who was a quite man and staying among the tents?

Q ➤ 426. Who had a taste for Esau's wild game?

Q ➤ 427. What was the name given to Esau because of the red stew?

Q ➤ 428. What is the meaning of Edom?

Q ➤ 429. Who despised his birth right?

Q ➤ 430. Who reaped a hundred fold from the crops?

Q ➤ 431. Whose wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy?

Q ➤ 432. Who filled the wells that Abraham had dug with earth?

Q ➤ 433. What was the name of the well over where the herds men of Gerar quarreled with the herds men of Isaac?

Q ➤ 434. What are the names of the well's over which the philistines disputed?

Q ➤ 435. Which was the well at Gerar which no one quarreled over?

Q ➤ 436. Who was the friend of Abimelech?

Q ➤ 437. Who was the commander of Abimelech's forces?

Q ➤ 438. From where did Beersheba get its name?

Q ➤ 439. Who were the wives of Esau?

Q ➤ 440. What was the name of the people from whom Esau took his wives?

Q ➤ 441. Who were the couplegrieved by daughter-in-Laws?

Q ➤ 442. Who cheated his brother twice?

Q ➤ 443. Who want to go to the forest for hunting?

Q ➤ 444. Who took the birthright by deceit?

Q ➤ 445. Who was the father who trembled violently in the presence of his son?

Q ➤ 446. Who was blessed by obeying the counsel of his mother?

Q ➤ 447. Who wept aloud and said "bless me too"?

Q ➤ 448. Who got the blessing from his father that he would live by his sword?

Q ➤ 449. Who said to whom that her life will not be worth living because of this Hittite woman?

Q ➤ 450. Which is the native place of Laban?

Q ➤ 451. What was the name of Ishmael's daughter whom Esau married?

Q ➤ 452. Who was the Mahalath's brother?

Q ➤ 453. From where did Jacob go to Haran?

Q ➤ 454. Who was the first fancy-dress actor?

Q ➤ 455. "Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it Who said this?

Q ➤ 456. What was the name given to the place where Jacob slept?

Q ➤ 457. Who anointed the stone which he used as a pillow?

Q ➤ 458. What was the former name of Bethel?

Q ➤ 459. "Of all that you give me I will give you a tenth? Who said this?

Q ➤ 460. Who dreamed a stairway which is reaching heaven?

Q ➤ 461. Who kissed his uncle's daughter and wept aloud?

Q ➤ 462. Who was shepherding Laban's sheep?

Q ➤ 463. Who had weak eyes?

Q ➤ 464. Who were the daughters of Laban?

Q ➤ 465. Who were the parties among whom the first known labour agreement was made?

Q ➤ 466. Who was the eldest daughter of Laban?

Q ➤ 467. Who was lovely in form and beautiful?

Q ➤ 468. Who married the elder daughter instead of the younger?

Q ➤ 469. Who was cheated on the wedding day?

Q ➤ 470. Name of the servant girl given by Laban to Leah.?

Q ➤ 471. Who was the maid servant of Rachel?

Q ➤ 472. Who was the first born of Jacob?

Q ➤ 473. What is the meaning of Judah?

Q ➤ 474. Who said "give me children, or I'll die"?

Q ➤ 475. Who was the son of Bilhah?

Q ➤ 476. What is the meaning of 'Dan'?

Q ➤ 477. Which is the name that means fortune?

Q ➤ 478. I have had a great struggle with my sister and I have won" who said?

Q ➤ 479. Who had brought the mandrake plants?

Q ➤ 480. Who hired her husband with mandrake plants?

Q ➤ 481. Who was the daughter of Leah?

Q ➤ 482. Who was Joseph's mother?

Q ➤ 483. "When may I do something for my own household?" Who said this?

Q ➤ 484. Who owned the flock of speckled or spotted sheep?

Q ➤ 485. Who was the well experienced Bible character in sheep-herding?

Q ➤ 486. Which were the tree branches Jacob placed near watering troughs?

Q ➤ 487. Who were the persons ate by the stone heap?

Q ➤ 488. Who changed the wages ten times?

Q ➤ 489. "Do we still have any share in the inheritance of own father's estate? Who said this?

Q ➤ 490. Where was Laban when Jacob returned to Canaan?

Q ➤ 491. Who anointed the pillar of stone?

Q ➤ 492. Two men called one thing with different names with same meaning. Who were they and what was that thing?

Q ➤ 493. Who was the son-in-law defeated his father-in Law?

Q ➤ 494. Which country did Jacob headed for?

Q ➤ 495. Which day, Laban was told that Jacob had fled?

Q ➤ 496. How many days Laban took to catch up with Jacob?

Q ➤ 497. Where did Laban meet Jacob after he had fled from him?

Q ➤ 498. Who came to Laban in dream?

Q ➤ 499. Where is tambourines first mentioned in the Bible?

Q ➤ 500. Who had stolen her father's gods?

Q ➤ 501. Who had put the house hold gods inside the camel's saddle sand sat on them?

Q ➤ 502. With out whose knowledge had Rachel stolen the gods?

Q ➤ 503. "The heat consumed me in the daytime and the cold at night" who told this?

Q ➤ 504. How many years Jacob served Laban for his flocks?

Q ➤ 505. How many years Jacob served Laban?

Q ➤ 506. What was the witness of covenant between Jacob and Laban?

Q ➤ 507. What is the testimoney of covenent between Laban and Jacob?

Q ➤ 508. What did Laban call the heap of stones?

Q ➤ 509. What did Jacob call the heap of stones?

Q ➤ 510. Who ate food by the heap of stones?

Q ➤ 511. What was the meaning of Galeed?

Q ➤ 512 What was the meaning of Mizpah?

Q ➤ 513. Who kissed his grand children and daughters early in the morning?

Q ➤ 514. Who met Jacob when he went on his way?

Q ➤ 515. Which was the river that Jacob crossed twice?

Q ➤ 516. Who called the angel's "the camp of God"?

Q ➤ 517. What was the name Jacob called for the place where he met the angel's of God?

Q ➤ 518. With how many men of Esau came to meet Jacob?

Q ➤ 519. Who crossed the Jordan with only a staff?

Q ➤ 520. How many female goats were selected by Jacob as a gift to Esau?

Q ➤ 521. Who was the first wrestler in the Bible?

Q ➤ 522 Which was the heap of stones that was called by three names?

Q ➤ 523. How many cows were selected by Jacob as a gift to Esau?

Q ➤ 524. How many bulls and female donkeys were selected by Jacob as a gift to Esau?

Q ➤ 525. How many goats and sheep were selected by Jacob as a gift to Esau? 440 (32:14)

Q ➤ 527. Who were the two persons whose names were changed by God?

Q ➤ 528. The river ford where Jacob was left alone?

Q ➤ 529. With whom a man wrested till day break?

Q ➤ 530. "I will not let you go unless you bless me" who told this?

Q ➤ 531. To whom Jacob did revealed his real character? To the Angel of the Lord (32:27) overcome"?

Q ➤ 532. Who was described as "having struggled with God and with man?

Q ➤ 533. Who told that "I saw God face to face and yet my life was spared"?

Q ➤ 534. What was the name Jacob called the place where he wrestled with the man?

Q ➤ 535. Where did the sun rise above when Jacob passed?

Q ➤ 536. Who bowed down seven times before his brother?

Q ➤ 537. Who threw arms his around Jacob's neck and kissed him?

Q ➤ 538. Who were the brothers who kissed and wept?

Q ➤ 539. Who saw the face of his brother like seeing the face of God?

Q ➤ 540. Who accepted gifts from his brother?

Q ➤ 541. Who accepted gifts from his brother upon insisting?

Q ➤ 542 Where did Jacob pitch his tent?

Q ➤ 543. Who brought a land for hundred pieces of silver and built an altar there?

Q ➤ 544. What was the name of the altar that Jacob built at Shechem?

Q ➤ 545. Who was the daughter of Jacob?

Q ➤ 546. Who was Hamor?

Q ➤ 547. Who was the son of Hamor?

Q ➤ 549. Who was Shechem?

Q ➤ 550. Whom did Shechem love?

Q ➤ 551. Who kept quiet until his sons came home?

Q ➤ 552. To whom did Jacob's sons reply deceitfully?

Q ➤ 553. Who was the most honored of all his father's household?

Q ➤ 554. Who were the brothers killed every male of the unsuspecting city?

Q ➤ 555. The first woman reported to be raped?

Q ➤ 556. Who were the brothers plundeted the city of Shechem?

Q ➤ 557. Where did Jacob bury the foreign gods and the ear rings?

Q ➤ 558. Why did notno one pursue Jacob?

Q ➤ 559. What was the name that Jacob gave to Luz?

Q ➤ 560. Who was Rebekah's nurse?

Q ➤ 561. Where did Deborah die?

Q ➤ 562. Where was Deborah buried?

Q ➤ 563. The man who put up a memorial for his wife?

Q ➤ 564. "I am a Hebrew My father and mother gave me different names" who am I?

Q ➤ 565. The person who was buried under an Oak tree?

Q ➤ 566. What was the name that Jacob called to the burial place of Deborah?

Q ➤ 567. What is the meaning of Allon Bachuth?

Q ➤ 568. Who poured out a drink offering on the stone pillar?

Q ➤ 569. What name didJacob call the place where God talked with him?

Q ➤ 570. Who was the father changed the name of his son given by his mother?

Q ➤ 571. Where was Rachel when she gave birth to Benjamin?

Q ➤ 572. Where did Rachel die?

Q ➤ 573. An Old Testament character who gave birth while on Journey?

Q ➤ 574. What was the name did Rachel gave her son before she breathed her last?

Q ➤ 575. What was another name of Bethlehem?

Q ➤ 576. Who was the son born to Jacob at Canaan?

Q ➤ 577. Which was the burial place of Rachel?

Q ➤ 578. A Husband who set up a memorial stone for his wife who is he?

Q ➤ 579. What did Jacob set up on Rachel's tomb?

Q ➤ 580. What is the name of the pillar on Rachel's tomb?

Q ➤ 581. The son who slept with his father's concubine?

Q ➤ 582. How many sons Jacob had?

Q ➤ 583. Who was the first born of Jacob?

Q ➤ 584. Who were the two sons of Rachel?

Q ➤ 585. Who was the maid servant of Rachel?

Q ➤ 586. Who were the sons of Bilhah?

Q ➤ 587. Who were the sons of Leah?

Q ➤ 588. Who was the maid servant of Leah?

Q ➤ 589. Who were the sons of Zilpah?

Q ➤ 590. Where was Hebron where Abraham and Isaac lived?

Q ➤ 591. How many years did Isaac live?

Q ➤ 592. Who buried Isaac?

Q ➤ 593. What was the other name of Esau?

Q ➤ 594. Who was the daughter of Elon the Hittite?

Q ➤ 595. Who was the daughter of Zibeon the Hivite?

Q ➤ 596. Who was the daughter of Anah?

Q ➤ 597. Daughter of Ishmael was the wife of Esau, who was she?

Q ➤ 598. Who were the wives of Esau?

Q ➤ 599. Who was the first born of Esau?

Q ➤ 600. The sons of one man were all chiefs who was he?

Q ➤ 601. The name of one of the sons of Esau and the name of one musician in Israel were same what was that name?

Q ➤ 602. Who was the mother of Eliphaz?

Q ➤ 603. Who were the children of Oholibamah?

Q ➤ 604. Whose possession were too great for them to remain together?

Q ➤ 605. Where did Esau settle?

Q ➤ 606. Who were the sons of Eliphaz?

Q ➤ 607. Who was the concubine of Eliphaz?

Q ➤ 608. Who was the son of Eliphaz born in Timna?

Q ➤ 609. What was the name of Lotan's sister?

Q ➤ 610. Who were the sons of Zibeon? Aiah and Anah

Q ➤ 611. Who discovered the hot springs while he was grazing his father's donkeys?

Q ➤ 612. Who was the father of Anah?

Q ➤ 613. Who was the first king in Edom?

Q ➤ 614. What was the name of Bela's city?

Q ➤ 615. Who was the son of Zerah?

Q ➤ 616. The name of an Israel captain and the name of an Edomite King were the same. What is that name?

Q ➤ 617. The name of an Israel King and the name of an Edomite King were the same what was that?

Q ➤ 618. Who defeated Midian in the country of Moab?

Q ➤ 619. What was the name of Hadad's wife?

Q ➤ 620. How old was Joseph, when he was thrown in to the cistern?

Q ➤ 621. The place where Jacob stayed?

Q ➤ 622. Whom did Israel love more than any of his other sons because he had been born to him in his old age?

Q ➤ 623. For which of his sons did Jacob make a richly ornamented rob?

Q ➤ 624. Where did the brothers decide to throw Joseph after killing him?

Q ➤ 625. Who delivered Joseph telling" Lets not take his life?

Q ➤ 626. Who had to lie in an empty cistern?

Q ➤ 627. Who was the person sold twice?

Q ➤ 628. Who was the first person said to wear a richly ornamented rob?

Q ➤ 629. To whom Joseph was sold?

Q ➤ 630. Who tore his clothes when he did not see Joseph in the cistern?

Q ➤ 631. Who put on sack cloth and mourn for his son for many days?

Q ➤ 632. For what price was Joseph sold by his brothers?

Q ➤ 633. A father and a brother tore there clothes on the loss of a person who are they?

Q ➤ 634 All his sons and daughters came to comfort him but he refused to be comforted. Who?

Q ➤ 635. What was the profession of Potiphar?

Q ➤ 636. To whom did the Midianite sell Joseph?

Q ➤ 637. What was the name of the Adullam?

Q ➤ 638. Who was Shua?

Q ➤ 639. Who was the wife of Judah?

Q ➤ 640. Who was the first born of Judah?

Q ➤ 641. Who were the children of Judah?

Q ➤ 642. Who was the wife of Er?

Q ➤ 643. Whom did the Lord put to death because he was wicked in his sight?

Q ➤ 644. The widow who lived in her father's house?

Q ➤ 645. Who went to Timnah with Hirah for shearing his sheep?

Q ➤ 646. Who said that though Shelah had grown, up she had not been given to him as his wife?

Q ➤ 647. Who covered herself with a veil and sat down at the entrance to Enaim like a prostitute?

Q ➤ 648. In which city gate did Tamar sit down?

Q ➤ 649. Who were the two women put on veils?

Q ➤ 650. When a child was born a scarlet thread tied on his wrist. who was that child?

Q ➤ 651. Who paid a young goat for a sleep with a prostitute?

Q ➤ 652. Who received a pledge until she got the payment?

Q ➤ 653. What was the pledge given to Tamar by Judah?

Q ➤ 654. Who became pregnant by her father-in-law?

Q ➤ 655. "Bring her out and have her burned to death". Who said this?

Q ➤ 656. Who were the twins born to Tamar?

Q ➤ 657. Who had taken the first breath?

Q ➤ 658. A Bible character who slept with his daughter-in-law?

Q ➤ 659. A woman who became wife to the brothers of one family?

Q ➤ 660. Who was Potiphar?

Q ➤ 661. In whose eyes did Joseph find favour?

Q ➤ 662. Because of whom did the Lord bless the house hold of Potiphar?

Q ➤ 663. What position was given to Joseph by Potiphar?

Q ➤ 664. Who was the first known well built and handsome man?

Q ➤ 665. Who took notice of Joseph?

Q ➤ 666. In whose hand did Joseph live his cloak and run out?

Q ➤ 667. Whose was the first recorded in the Bible?

Q ➤ 668. Why was Potiphar angry with Joseph?

Q ➤ 669. A household incharge became incharge of the prison? Who?

Q ➤ 670. What was the dream given to the cup-hearer?

Q ➤ 671. Which cave was known as the family tomb?

Q ➤ 672. The first person who did God's ministry in the prison?

Q ➤ 673. The first Bible character who was hanged?

Q ➤ 674. What was the meaning of the cup-bearer's dream?

Q ➤ 675. "I was forcibly carried off from the land of the Hebrews" Who said this?

Q ➤ 676. What was the dream of the baker?

Q ➤ 677. What was the meaning of the 3 baskets?

Q ➤ 678. What would happen to the baker after 3 days?

Q ➤ 679. When did Pharaoh give a feast for all his officials?

Q ➤ 680. The name of the place where Joseph was sent is also the name of a place in Kerala? Which was that place?

Q ➤ 681. Whom did Pharaoh remember on his birth day?

Q ➤ 682. Whom had the cup-bearer not remembered?

Q ➤ 683. How many years had passed after Pharaoh restored the cup-bearer that he himself

Q ➤ 684. How many cows were there in Pharaoh's dream?

Q ➤ 685. Cows ate up cows. where?

Q ➤ 686. The first person said to have been hanged in the Bible?

Q ➤ 687. The first Israelite who received a foreign name?

Q ➤ 688. What did the sleek and fat cows do?

Q ➤ 689. What was the second dream of Pharaoh?

Q ➤ 690. Who swallowed up the seven healthy full heads?

Q ➤ 691. Whose mind was troubled in the morning?

Q ➤ 692. Whom did Pharaoh bring to interpret his dreams?

Q ➤ 693. "Today I am reminded of my short comings". who told whom?

Q ➤ 694. When did the cup-bearer remember Joseph?

Q ➤ 695. Who was capable of interpreting dreams?

Q ➤ 696. The young man who was thrown into the dungeon?

Q ➤ 697. The first person who was said to have shaved?

Q ➤ 698. "Not I but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires" who said this?

Q ➤ 699. Who said about the dream to Joseph?

Q ➤ 700. What did the seven good cows and seven good heads of grain denote?

Q ➤ 701. What did the seven lean, ugly cows and seven worthless heads of grain denote?

Q ➤ 702. What was the proof that the matter was firmly decided by God?

Q ➤ 703. Who accepted the advice of Joseph?

Q ➤ 704. To whom was about the advice of Joseph given?

Q ➤ 705. About whom did Pharaoh did "can we find any one like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God"?

Q ➤ 7.06. About whom did Pharaoh agreed to be so discerning and wise?

Q ➤ 707. Who became in charge of all the people of Egypt?

Q ➤ 708. Who became in charge of Pharaoh's palace?

Q ➤ 709. A Hebrew who was a government official was an alien in the country?

Q ➤ 710. Who was dressed in robes of fine linen?

Q ➤ 711. Pharaoh took his signet ring from his finger and put it on his's finger Who was that person?

Q ➤ 712. The King who first put on his signet ring on another's finger?

Q ➤ 713. Who was the minister had a gold chain around his neck?

Q ➤ 714. Who rode on Pharaoh's chariot?

Q ➤ 715. What was the name given to Joseph by Pharaoh?

Q ➤ 716. Who was Joseph's fe?

Q ➤ 717. The first recorded, supply officer in the Bible?

Q ➤ 718. Whose daughter was given to Joseph to be his wife?

Q ➤ 719. How old was Joseph when he entered the service of Pharaoh?

Q ➤ 720. How many years had passed from the time Joseph had the dream till he entered the service of Pharaoh?

Q ➤ 721. Who was the first born of Joseph?

Q ➤ 722. The first Hebrew who married in a foreign land?

Q ➤ 723. Who were the sons of Joseph?

Q ➤ 724. Who sold grain to the Egyptians?

Q ➤ 725. In whose time was the famine severe in the entire world?

Q ➤ 726. Who did learn that, there was grain in Egypt?

Q ➤ 727. Where did Joseph's brothers go to buy grain?

Q ➤ 728. How many brothers of Joseph came to Egypt at first?

Q ➤ 729. Who was the younger brother of Joseph?

Q ➤ 730. Why did not Jacob send Benjamin with his brothers?

Q ➤ 731. Who bowed down to Joseph with their faces to the ground?

Q ➤ 732. Who recognized his brothers but pretended to be a stranger and spoke harshly?

Q ➤ 733. Who was the governor of the land of Egypt?

Q ➤ 734. The land where Joseph became governor?

Q ➤ 735. "You are spies", who said whom?

Q ➤ 736. "We are honest men, not spies" who said whom?

Q ➤ 737. How many days did Joseph keep them in custody?

Q ➤ 738. "Surely we are being punished because of our brother" who said this?

Q ➤ 739. "Didn't I tell you not to sin against the boy?" Who said this?

Q ➤ 740. How did Joseph speak to his brothers?

Q ➤ 741. Whom had Joseph taken from them and bound?

Q ➤ 742. Where did Joseph's brothers open their sack to get feed for their donkeys?

Q ➤ 743. "You have deprived me of my children" who said this?

Q ➤ 744 "Everything is against me" who said?

Q ➤ 745. "Entrust him to my care, and I will bring him back" who said whom?

Q ➤ 746. Who went to a private to room to weep?

Q ➤ 747. Who were brightened by seeing the pouches of silver?

Q ➤ 748. "Go back and buy us a little more food" who said?

Q ➤ 749. What were the gifts taken by the brothers to present before Joseph?

Q ➤ 750. Who prepared dinner for his brothers in Egypt?

Q ➤ 751. Who were frightened, when they were taken to their brother's house?

Q ➤ 752. "Its all right don't be afraiu wno said?

Q ➤ 753. Who asked "how is your aged father you told me about?

Q ➤ 754. Who was deeply moved at the sight of his brother?

Q ➤ 755. Who hurried out and looked for a place to weep?

Q ➤ 756. Who did washed his face and came out after weeping?

Q ➤ 757. Who could not eat with Hebrews?

Q ➤ 758. Who were seated in the order of their ages?

Q ➤ 759. Who was the Egyptian governor who seated his brothers for food in the order their age?

Q ➤ 760. Who received a portion five times as much as others?

Q ➤ 761. What was Benjamin's portion?

Q ➤ 762. "Fill the men's sacks with as much food as they can carry and put each man's silver in the mouth of his sack" who said whom?

Q ➤ 763: In whose sack he was ordered to put Joseph's silver cup?

Q ➤ 764. In whose sack was the silver cup found?

Q ➤ 765. The people who tore their clothes together?

Q ➤ 766. Who went to Joseph's house?

Q ➤ 767. "What is this you have done? Don't you know that a man like me can find things out by divination? Who said?

Q ➤ 768. "What can we say to my lord? What can we say? Who said to whom?

Q ➤ 769. Who was the father's loved one?

Q ➤ 770. The boy cannot leave his father; if he leaves him, his father will die" who are the father; and the son?

Q ➤ 771. Who took responsibility of the lad?

Q ➤ 772. What did the Egyptians and Pharaoh's house hear?

Q ➤ 773. Who were terrified when they identified their brother?

Q ➤ 774. Whom had God sent ahead of Joseph's brothers to save their lives?

Q ➤ 775. For how many years there had been famine in Egypt?

Q ➤ 776. Who was made as a father to Pharaoh by God?

Q ➤ 777. Where had the news reached that Joseph's brothers have come?

Q ➤ 778. What did Pharaoh send from Egypt, to bring Jacob and his family?

Q ➤ 779. Joseph gave each of his brother's new clothing. But what did he give to Benjamin?

Q ➤ 780. What did Joseph send to his father?

Q ➤ 781. "Don't quarrel on the way" who said to whom?

Q ➤ 782. Who was stunned when he heard about his son?

Q ➤ 783. When was the spirit of Jacob revived?

Q ➤ 784. Where did Jacob offer sacrifice to the God of his father Isaac on his way to Egypt?

Q ➤ 785. Who promised Jacob to go down with him to Egypt?

Q ➤ 786. From where did Jacob leave to Egypt?

Q ➤ 787. What is the meaning of Beersheba?

Q ➤ 788. Who told Jacob that Joseph's own hand will close his eyes?

Q ➤ 789. Who was the first born of Jacob?

Q ➤ 790. Who were the sons of Reuben?

Q ➤ 791. Who were the sons of Simeon?

Q ➤ 792. Who were the sons of Levi?

Q ➤ 793. Who were the sons of Judah?

Q ➤ 794. Who were the sons of Perez?

Q ➤ 795. Who were the sons of Issachar?

Q ➤ 796. Who were the sons of Zebulun?

Q ➤ 797. Whose daughter was Dinah?

Q ➤ 798. Who were the sons of Gad?

Q ➤ 799. Who were the sons of Asher?

Q ➤ 800. What is the name of Asher's daughter?

Q ➤ 801. Who were the sons of Rachel?

Q ➤ 802. Who were the sons of Joseph born to him in the land of Egypt?

Q ➤ 803. How many sons of Benjamin went to Egypt?

Q ➤ 804. Who was the husband of Asenath?

Q ➤ 805. Who is the son of Dan?

Q ➤ 806. Who were the sons of Naphtali?

Q ➤ 807. How many family members of Jacob came down to Egypt?

Q ➤ 808. Specify the total number including Joseph and family?

Q ➤ 809. Where did Joseph meet his father who was coming to Egypt?

Q ➤ 810. Who wept for a long time throwing his arms around his father?

Q ➤ 811. To whom were the shepherds detestable?

Q ➤ 812. How many of his brothers did Joseph present before Pharaoh?

Q ➤ 813. "Now I am ready to die" who said?

Q ➤ 814. Who sold food in exchange of live stock?

Q ➤ 815. Where did the sons of Jacob settle in Egypt?

Q ➤ 816. Name of the land which Pharaoh gave to Israel?

Q ➤ 817. The man who blessed Pharaoh?

Q ➤ 818. Who asked Jacob how old was he?

Q ➤ 819. Where did Pharaoh give property to Joseph's brothers?

Q ➤ 820. Which was the best part of the land in Egypt?

Q ➤ 821. Instead of money what did the people bring to Joseph to buy grain?

Q ➤ 822. The patriarch who lived long time in Egypt?

Q ➤ 823. Who brought all the land in Egypt for Pharaoh?

Q ➤ 824. Whose land did, Joseph not buy?

Q ➤ 825. The King who gave the priests their allotment?

Q ➤ 826. Who did not sell their land because Pharaoh gave them the allotment of food?

Q ➤ 827. Who established the law that a fifth of the produce belongs to Pharaoh?

Q ➤ 828. The first man who was said to have lied on a bed?

Q ➤ 829. How many years did Jacob live in Egypt?

Q ➤ 830. How many years did Jacob live?

Q ➤ 831. Who was blessed by lying of the left hand?

Q ➤ 832. Who heard that Jacob was ill?

Q ➤ 833. Who were considered as Reuben and Simeon to Jacob?

Q ➤ 834. Who asked "who are these"? After seeing the sons of Joseph?

Q ➤ 835. Who promised by putting hand under the thigh?

Q ➤ 836. Whose eyes were failing because of old age?

Q ➤ 837. Two persons whose eyes were failing because of old age?

Q ➤ 838. Who reached out his right hand and put it on Ephraim's head though he was younger and crossing his arms, put his left hand on Manasseh's head and blessed?

Q ➤ 839. Who was the person who blessed Ephraim ahead of? Manasseh?

Q ➤ 840. Who received a ridge of land over his brothers?

Q ➤ 841. Who was turbulent as waters?

Q ➤ 842. Who did defiled his father's bed?

Q ➤ 843. They are brothers-their swords are weapons of violence were they?

Q ➤ 844. Who hamstrunged the oxen?

Q ➤ 845. Whose hand would be on the neck of his enemies?

Q ➤ 846. Who was blessed to be praised by his brothers?

Q ➤ 847. Who was the first person who died in a foreign land and was buried in his own land?

Q ➤ 848. Who was said to be a lion's cub?

Q ➤ 849. Who would crouch and lie down like lion and lioness?

Q ➤ 850. From whom would the scepter not depart untill it came to whom it belonged to?

Q ➤ 851. Who was the one whom the scepter belongs?

Q ➤ 852. Who would tether his donkey to a vine and his colt to the choicest branch?

Q ➤ 853. Who would wash his garments in wine, and his robes in the blood of grapes?

Q ➤ 854. Whose eyes would be darker than wine, his teeth whiter than milk?

Q ➤ 855. Who was blessed by Jacob to live by the seashore?

Q ➤ 856. Who was the raw boned donkey, lying down between two saddlebags?

Q ➤ 857. Who would bend his shoulder to the burden, seeing how good was his resting place and how pleasant and was his land?

Q ➤ 858. Who would be a serpent by the road side and a viper along the path?

Q ➤ 859. what was the last recorded act of Jacob?

Q ➤ 860. Who was the serpent who bites the horse's heel?

Q ➤ 861. Who provided Justice to his people?

Q ➤ 862. Who was be attacked by a band of raiders?

Q ➤ 863. Who provided delicacies fit for a king?

Q ➤ 864. Whose food would have been rich?

Q ➤ 865. Who was tha doe who was set free?

Q ➤ 866. Who was the Jacob's son who uttered beautiful words?

Q ➤ 867. Who was the fruitful vine near a spring?

Q ➤ 868. Who was said to have been attacked by the archers?

Q ➤ 869. "But his bow remained steady, his strong arms stayed limber because of the hand of the mighty one of Jacob" whose?

Q ➤ 870. Who was blessed by the blessings of the breast and the womb?

Q ➤ 871. On whose head rested the father's blessing that was greater than the blessing of the ancient mountains?

Q ➤ 872. Who was said to be a ravenous wolf?

Q ➤ 873. "In the morning he devours the prey, in the evening he divides the plunder" who?

Q ➤ 874. Where did Jacob want his sons to hurry him?

Q ➤ 875. Who were the women buried in the cave in the field of Machpelah?

Q ➤ 876. How many people were buried in the cave in Machpelah?

Q ➤ 877. Who was said to have drawn his feet up into the bed and breathed his last breath?

Q ➤ 878. Who threw himself upon the body of his father and kissed him?

Q ➤ 879. Who embalmed Jacob's body?

Q ➤ 880. How many days did Egyptians mourn for Jacob?

Q ➤ 881. How many days did Joseph mourn for his father?

Q ➤ 882. Where did Joseph hold a solemn ceremony of mourning for his father?

Q ➤ 883. The name of the place near the Jordan where they held a solemn ceremony of mourning?

Q ➤ 884. What was the name given to Goren-At ad?

Q ➤ 885. Where did they say "the Egyptians are holding a solemn ceremony of mourning'?

Q ➤ 886. "Am I is the place of God?" who said to whom?

Q ➤ 887. "You intended to harm me but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives" who said this?

Q ➤ 888. Who was the first Israelite who came as a slave and became a governor?

Q ➤ 889. The first and the well-known dreamer?

Q ➤ 890. "I will provide for you and your children" who said this?

Q ➤ 891. Where did Joseph and his father's household live?

Q ➤ 892. Who saw the third generation of Ephraim's children?

Q ➤ 893. Who got the revelation that God would to come their aid and task them up out of this land to the Promised Land?

Q ➤ 894. What oath Joseph make the sons of Israel swear? That they must carry his bones

Q ➤ 895. A father and son were embalmed, who were they?

Q ➤ 896. How many years did Joseph live?

Q ➤ 897. What did Joseph's brothers do when Joseph died?

Q ➤ 898. Name of the book that end with the word "coffin"?

Q ➤ 899. Who are the descendants of Japheth?

Q ➤ 900. Who are the descendants of Shem?

Q ➤ 901. Who are the descendants of Moab?

Q ➤ 902. Who are the descendants of Ishmael?

Q ➤ 903. Who are the descendants of Edom?

Q ➤ 904. The word coffin is used only once in the Bible, who was placed in it?

Q ➤ 905. Who are the descendants of Jacob?

Q ➤ 906. Who are the descendants of Ben-Ammi?

Q ➤ 907. Who was appointed as the governor of Egypt to save many lives?

Q ➤ 908. Who are the descendants of Canaan?

Q ➤ 909. Who were said to have been placed at the birth, Joseph's knees?

Q ➤ 910. Who was said to have dug his own tomb?

Q ➤ 911. Who made his son swear an oath to bury him in his own tomb?

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